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About Us

The Rule of Law Institute of Australia was started in 2009 by Robin Speed and Malcolm Stewart, of the law firm Speed and Stracey. Malcolm and Robin saw the need for an organisation to advocate for discussion of current issues and to act as an independent check on health of the rule of law in Australia.  The Rule of Law Institute of Australia focuses on rule of law issues in the public arena and engages with the community and government by commenting on Bills before Parliament, writing media articles and reports and providing expert commentary on rule of law issues nationally.

In order to remain effective advocates for the rule of law, the Rule of Law Institute of Australia is apolitical and bi-partisan and therefore freely able to criticise both side of politics when they threaten the principles of the rule of law.

The work of the Rule of Law Institute is supported by over 2,200 members throughout Australia.  Of these members, 75% are teachers who support the education and advocacy of the Institute.

Aims & Objectives

  • To foster the rule of law in Australia
  • To promote good governance in Australia by the rule of law
  • To encourage truth and transparency in Australian Federal and State governments, and government departments and agencies
  • To reduce the complexity, arbitrariness and uncertainty of Australian laws and their administrative application
  • Key areas of focus of The Institute are maintenance of the separation of powers, promoting the scrutiny of Bills before Parliament, restricting the use of retrospective legislation to exceptional circumstances, the presumption of innocence and access to justice, monitoring government regulators and the provision of education resources

Committee Members of the Rule of Law Institute Australia are:

  • Malcolm Stewart, President
  • Chris Merritt, Vice President
  • Sally Layson, Treasurer
  • Robin Speed, Founder