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The Rule of Law Institute Australia has written many submissions and spoken before hearings to defend the rule of law.  A few of these include:


24 April 2017: Independent National Security Legislation Monitor: Submission to INSLM Inquiry

1 May 2017: Attorney-General’s Department: Submission Regarding Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Australia

9 May 2017: Review of the Crimes (High Risk Offenders) Act 2006 (NSW): Review Report 

5 June 2017:Joint Committee of the ICAC, NSW:  Inquire into Protections for People who make voluntary disclosures to the Independent Commission against corruption


6 January 2016: Commonwealth Inspector- General of Taxation: Review into the Taxpayer’s Charter and Taxpayer Protections

12 January 2016: Treasury: Submission regarding the Exposure Draft of the Commissioner of Taxation’s planned Remedial Power

2 March 2016: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet: Submission regarding the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth): Report on Proceedings Before Committee on the ICAC

review of the Inspector’s report to the Premier, The Inspectors Review of the ICAC

12 April 2016: Select Committee on the Establishment of a National Integrity Commission

10 June 2016: Review of the Inspector’s Report to the Premier: The Inspector’s Review of the ICAC

8 September 2016: Public Hearing for the Report on Proceedings before the Committee on the ICAC: Review of the Inspector’s report to the Premier: the Inspector’s review of the ICAC