Victorians are being subjected to the longest and most oppressive lockdown on the planet.

Nowhere else in the world has a curfew, a 5km zone of restriction and such harsh pandemic laws.

The rule of law and democracy confines and holds accountable the impulses of our leaders. But this is failing. We want the government to be well informed, weighing up the view of the many groups, transparent and accountable for their decisions.

Now is the time to object to the curfew and the Victorian lockdown.

There is more than one measure or goal for Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. And it is not the number COVID-19 daily cases. It’s the communities, the coffee, the arts, the passion for sport, the weather, the pubs, the culture, the fashion, the trams, the MCG, the shopping. The list goes on.

Let the Victorian government know that you want to cancel the curfew and stop the lockdown.  For the first time, we have seen the Victorian Government doubting what to do- and it’s time to act.

We are not talking about physical protests but a petition calling for freedom.  A leading Queens Counsel has confirmed that it is lawful to object to the present Victorian curfew as long as you do not organise a physical meeting.

So, please sign and share this petition and send a strong message to the Victorian government that we want to cancel the curfew, end the lockdown and facilitate an open dialogue.

Click here (or go to the and search for #cancelthecurfew):